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May Pocket Letter Challenge

It is time for the monthly CoasteRide at Indian Craft Room 🙂 This time I am hosting the challenge.

All the design team members are so talented and come up with such unique challenges. So continuing with that trend, I decided to do a Pocket Letter Page Challenge 😀  Pocket Letter Page is usually something you create and mail to someone. But I decided to use Pocket Letter Page to create a keepsake.

For those who don’t know what Pocket letter Page is, it is a way to send and collect penpal letters. Originally Created by Janette from Janette Lane Blog, you use 9 pockets page protector, fill each pocket with creativity and mail it to someone. Find more info on it HERE.

Keeping in mind that May is International Mother’s Day, the challenge today is about creating a keepsake Pocket Letter Page with Mother theme. Here is the challenge:

So you fill each pocket as specified in the above story board. I call it keepsake because you could either frame it or mount it on something sturdy and hang it on wall.

So here is my creation:


I have used stamps, dies, stickers, rub on stickers, sequins, rhinestones, punches,  washi tape, white and black gel pens and twines.


Each pocket is filled as per the description/directions in the story board.


Yes that is a picture of me and my sister when we were little with out beautiful momma 😀 Brought back memories!!


Honestly where I live, finding 9 pocket page protector is very easy… however, I decided to create my own using the We R Memory Keeper’s Fuse Tool. It comes with a cutting  and a fusing tip. So you can easily cut out and fuse edges to create pockets in a plastic page protector. I made a picture tutorial for the same.

To make your own 9 pocket page with fuse tool you need,

Clear Plastic Page Protector (mine was 8-1/2″ x 11″ STAPLES BRAND)

Piece of 8-1/2″ x 11″ cardstock

Ruler (preferably steel)

Grid Paper (you could use plain paper. Grid Paper just makes for easy line drawing)

Washi Tape

Glass/Cardboard/Fuseable mat- to protect your table. (I used a cardboard piece)

Fuse tool (ofcourse) with cutting and fuse tips.

Plug in the fuse tool and let it heat up while you do all the work in step 1 with the cutting tip inserted. Letting it heat for good 10-15 minutes makes it easier to work with.

STEP 1:  Use your page protector to create the end lines on the grid paper so lining up the page protector becomes easier when cutting and fusing. Next use a ruler to measure and create Cut and Fuse lines.


I started from the bottom and marked 3-1/2″, 3-3/4″, 7-1/4″ and 7-1/2″. With the helps of grid lines I was able to create straight lines and did not have to make marks on both sides. 3-1/2″ and 7-1/4″ marks are where I made the cut lines (straight line) and 3-3/4″ and 7-1/2″ are where I made the fuse lines (dotted lines). I did tape down my grid paper on the cardboard base before I started all the work.

STEP 2: Once you have the lines, put the cardstock inside the page protector. Line up the page protector with the 2 end lines and tape it down using washi tape.


Once everything is well taped down, use your fuse tool and ruler to start making the cut lines. Only run it through the straight lines…which you should be able too see on the edges. Gently fluff up the pocket using hour hands or ruler to ensure it cut well. I inserted little card stocks to show how 2 cut lines make 3 big pockets.

Once you have the cut lines, with the help of pliers or tweezers or thick towel, remove the cutting tip and screw in the fuse tip. BE CAREFUL!!! the tool is going to be hot. Let the tip heat up well. Remove the cardstock, and with the help of ruler run the fuse tip over the dotted lines to fuse the edges and create pockets.

STEP 3: Next we will work on the vertical fuse lines. This is something I could have easily done in step 1 but did not think about it when I was making the lines then. So feel free to do this step in the beginning.


The vertical lines are something I would highly recommend you measure on your own, depending on the width of your page protector and the size of pockets you want to create. Now to calculate the measurements for the vertical lines, I started measuring from where the white 3 ring panel ends. So I marked the grid paper at 2-7/8″ and 5-3/4″ which gave me 2 equal pockets and 1 a littler smaller pocket (not sure if it is the measurements or the way I fused it that made the last column smaller) With the help of ruler fuse the lines.

STEP 4: Next I created the card inserts. Since my pockets did not turn out equal… I had to cut 6 card inserts measuring 3-3/8″ x 2-3/4″ and 3 card inserts measuring 3-3/8″ x 2-5/8″


So the 9 Pocket Letter Page is ready to be decorate any way that you want. I did end up cutting out the white 3 ring panel (leaving it there allows you to decorate it with washi tape or ribbon or stips of paper). In my next pocket letter I would surely leave it on and decorate it.

Ofcourse I got the idea to make my own pocket letter page through THIS video on Youtube by Beverly. Easy instructions on how to do so.


Now that you have seen my Pocket Letter Page and know how I created it, you might want to check out the DT inspirations. Check them out at (INSERT LINK TO COASTERIDE POST).

Hope I have inspired you to create a keep sake Pocket Letter Page. A perfect gift for mom on Mother’s Day 🙂

This is all for today,

Until next time,

Happy Krafting

Cheers =)

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