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Elephant Crib Mobile

Ever since I started crafting several years ago, I have always enjoyed making home decor for my own house. A personal touch, I feel, I give to my house to make it a home 🙂 Well so now that we are expecting our first baby…how can I not make something for him!! So while I have several friends working on handmade stuff for his nursery or him… I needed to make something too. I came across this crib mobile on Etsy


Gorgeous piece…with exact colors that I have for the nursery. Worked perfect. You can find the Etsy listing for this one HERE. But my crafty brain said, MAKE IT!! Sooo..had to create one on my own. It is definitely nothing close to the picture above… but I made it for my little man the best I could 🙂


Super easy and fun to make. I googled DIY Crib mobile and came across several images, tutorials or quick steps for making a crib mobile. For the mobile I made, I did take pictures of steps (most steps :D). So here is the tutorial.



Felt sheets – Aqua, Orange, Light Gray, Dark Gray

5/8th” Satin Ribbons- Aqua, Orange, Gray, White.

5/8th” Sheer ribbon white (not pictured)

Embroidery Hoop (I used 8″)

White- Silver Yarn

Elephant Die 

Other supplies- Scissors, Hot glue.

(You can choose any color of your choice for felt and ribbon and shape)


  1. I started with detaching the 2 hoops and using the inside hoop. I cut out 4 yarn pieces and tied them across each other to create 8 section (left picture in the above picture). Once the yarns were tied, I applied some hot glue over the knot in order to avoid the yarn coming loose.
  2. Next I took the ribbons and cut out pieces. They could measure what ever size you want. I did not measure the pieces I cut, but they were under 6″ approx. I wanted short ties. I did double knot the ribbons so they wont come loose. I still am fighting with the frayed edges!! But it gives it a nice shabby look 😉


3. Next I cut the elephants using the Die and my Sizzix Big Shot. I knew I want to have the yarn between 2 elephants stuck together. So I cut 20 elephants of each color and 20 ear pieces to be able to make 10 sandwiched pieces of each color.( I hope that makes sense)So in all I had 40 elephants (10 of each color).


4. Next I cut 5 pieces of yarn strings..keep them long, and started to glue the elephants on them. I glued 4 on each yarn string. Once the elephants were glued, I tied the string to the loop and added some hot glue to the knot and cut out the excess. I tied 4 strings on the loop and 1 in the middle (where all the yarn strings crossed).

Then I decided to add 4 more strings of elephants. This time I added 5 elephant on each string. These strings I tied on the yarn strings from STEP 1.  So in the end, I landed up with 9 strings with elephants on them.

5. Next I  cut 4 peices of sheer white ribbon and tied them at 4 opposite spots on the loop. Then I gathered them on top and tied all 4 in a single knot. The knot is big/soft enough to slide on a mobile base (click to find the one I bought) or you could add a jump ring or small wire loop.

Final touch… cut the strings from the bottom of elephant for cleaner look.


So this was my easy peasy mobile… I thoroughly enjoyed making it and truly hope my little man enjoys watching it hang over his crib 🙂

This is all for today,

Until next time,

Happy Krafting,

Cheers =)

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  1. This is so pretty!



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