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Quiet/Fun Book

Recently my friend send me message asking about Quiet Books. I had come across them when I taught Pre-K and right before I decided to quit, I had thought of making some for upcoming school year. Well I never went back to teach Pre-K, so I never made one. Well when she asked me about it… I got searching and found plenty of ideas to make one. After sharing ideas with her, I decided to make one for my nephew. Since he was able to understand, he has loved puzzles. He is 2 now and still enjoys puzzles… quiet book is like a puzzle…. I think 😉 and hope he enjoys it.


So I decided to make a fine motor skills quiet book. The one I found had hooks, buttons, snaps…that help tiny fingers practice fine motor skills. He is at the right age for this…so I thought this was perfect for him. I call it his Fun book and not quiet book because he is a talker.. and gets excited for every little thing….so I can clearly picture him getting excited, clapping and saying “I did it!” every time he completes a task. 😀

This is not my original idea. My google search for DIY Quiet Book led me to this post – DIY Quiet Book Crafty Impaired (No Sewing Machine required) by Mother’s Niche. The post has pictures and directions on how to make the book. Somethings I did different- I added a zipper page and used chipboard letters for the front.

Moving on, here are the supplies:


  1. Felt
  2. Zippers (I used 2)
  3. Big Buttons
  4. Paracord Buckles
  5. Overall Buckles -no sew kinds.
  6. Hook and eyes
  7. Snap on buttons
  8. 1″ elastic
  9. Chipboard letters
  10. Glue Gun, Scissors and Hammer

In hindsight, I also recommend getting thinner elastic for paracord buckles. (more on that ahead)

Majority of the supplies came from Joann’s. The Felt, paracord buckles, Zippers and big buttons came from Michaels. I used Chipboard to make the title of the book on front cover.


  1. ZIPPER PAGE… I did opposite ends to make it interesting and fun. All I did was apply glue to the back of zipper flaps and glued it down to the felt.


2. BUTTON PAGE…. Cut a piece of felt vertically (hot dog style). On one flap, attach the buttons. You can glue them or sew them. I used a big needle and some twine to sew on the buttons. Overlap the other piece and use scissors to make holes. I made bigger holes for him to easily slide the buttons in and out. Once done, glue both the panels to the felt base. I made sure the buttons were in the holes, then glued one side at a time. Also cut flap for each button and corresponding button hole. It makes it smoother for toddlers to work with.


3. PARACORD PAGE …. So this was the most tricky for me. First of all realizing the 1″ elastic was way too big (DUH!!)Why oh Why did I not think about this when I was buying the elastic!!

Convo with self: “Maybe I can go back and get thinner elastic.. ummm naaa…this rainy weather is meant for being indoors and crafting 😛 … maybe cut felt strips… oh thats good idea.. tried, did not work…pulled hard and the felt came apart ..ugggh. Alright, cutting the elastic I have in thin strips… has frayed edge one side… hmm…hot glue the sides 😉 That works.”

So I cut the elastic in thirds, discarded the middle, and used the ends…that ways will have only 1 frayed side. I used hot glue to try and seal the frayed side..for most parts it worked. Add the elastic to the buckles and glue it down to the felt. Again, I keep the buckles hooked in before gluing. So the placement would be right.


4. BUCKLES AND HOOKS PAGE …. I started with the buckles, loop the elastic in, glue it together and got it ready. Now the key for no sew buttons in this was ease of attachment. You would need a hammer for this. Follow the instructions on the package to add the buttons. They are very simple and have pictures. Once the buttons were in, I hooked the overall buckles to the buttons and then glued the elastic to the felt.

Next, the hook and eyes. Ofcourse cut the elastic to size of your desire and add the hook and eyes with some hot glue. Glue the elastic on felt (again I kept the eye and hook together before gluing.)


5. SNAP ON BUTTONS PAGE … So for this, I cut strips of felt and glued the buttons on them. Each button set has 2 pieces- 1 pc had a flat side which sat flush on the felt, I kept that on the left side… and glued the other piece of button on felt and glued it down on right. So the right felt piece is completely glued down, while the left is only glued halfway, to be able to pull the snaps apart. Hope that makes sense.

FINAL ASSEMBLEY …. Attach all the pieces together by putting glue in the left margin area. Remember to align the edges properly. Neat freak like me has to make sure of that 😀 I put 2pages on top of each other, then flipped the margin of 1 of the felt pieces and laid glue on it and attached the pages.

So there is a 5 page Quiet/Fun book… easy and fun… good for anytime, anywhere!

It was fun and super easy to make!! Hopefully will make more soon!

This is all for today,

Until next time,

Happy Krafing

Cheers =)

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