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Scrabble Tile Wall Art

Since we have moved into the house I have been trying to make things to decorate the walls. The onset of pregnancy slowed the efforts down. However, after the passing of initial months of nausea, tiredness, exhaustion… finally I am back in action… getting back to crafting and making items for home decor.

Now I know I am late to the Scrabble Tile Wall Art Party 😀 but I finally made it. So i found this idea on Pinterest (see the “Love this idea” line!)

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Looks simply wonderful. So I had to make this one for one of the many walls I have in my living room. So I had to get cracking on it… 2 days later… my wall looks beautiful 🙂


My twist, to add the heart in love instead of the O. I could not find square shaped wood tiles/pieces. I got these medium shaped rectangle wood pieces by Artful Minds at Michaels. These measure approx 4-3/4″ x 6-3/4″. I used Walnut Distress Stain to give it a shade of brown and let it dry thoroughly (24 hrs). You could also use acrylic paint.

Next I printed letters from Something Turquoise’s post on How to make Scrabble Tiles for wall art. She has pdf link for every letter. All you have to do is print. Her letters are made for 8″ x  8″ piece of wood. Since my wood pieces were smaller, I reduced size to 80% before printing. (When you hit on print, it opens a dialog box and on the left side has options for size printing, in the custom box I put 80%. It automatically reduces the size and prints.)


After printing, I used pencil to rub the back of each letter and number and then put it on right side over the wood piece and transfer the letter. Then I used a ruler and Faber Castell Black Pitt Pen-fine tip to create a clean edge. Then I used some black paint to fill in the letters and numbers. Believe it or not, I had all colors but black acrylic paint (SIGH!) But I had some Black Soot distress paint and some Black Tempera Paint (from my Pre-K teaching days). I mixed the 2 as the distress paint was a little too runny and the tempera was thick but not the right shade of black.


After the paint dried, I started to apply Mod Podge matte sealer, completely forgetting that distress stain in background was going to react (another SIGH!) The brown color started to come on the letter (like you see on Y) It worried me, so I decided to use a thin brush to paint over the letters, let it dry for 1 hr and then applied another coat all over with foam brush. After letting it dry for 24 hrs, it was ready for the wall. Some command velcro strips and my wall looked complete 🙂


About the heart- I just created it on Microsoft powerpoint, printed it, transferred it, used red marker to create outline and used red acrylic paint to paint it. I also used some wink of stella clear glitter brush pen (not very visible here) and sealed it with Mod Podge.

It was easy- to make and on pocket… rather than buying the letters online (found on a website for 12$/letter !)

This is all for now,

Until next time,

Happy Krafting!

Cheers =)


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  1. That’s an awesome art Shraddha!


  2. Wow! Love these tiles! You have done a great job!
    Congrats & lots of good wishes for the little one !! 🙂 Wishing you a good health & happy crafting 🙂



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