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Pillow Box Owl Bag

I LOVE PINTEREST (if I haven’t mentioned that before :P) It is just amazing how you can find wonderful ideas from all the creative people out there 😀 I have always heard and followed the phrase –“Do not re-invent the wheel”. So I have to take this opportunity to thank all of them for sharing their wonderful and innovative ideas. 

Now coming to the creation for this post. So I had a long term subbing job in a 2nd grade clasroom. The teacher was all about owls 🙂 so while I was ending my term there, I decided to thank the teacher for choosing me to work for her. I created a post it note holder using an acrylic frame and put some owls on there. While creating the gift bag, I decided to make a big owl on the front. So hello Pinterest… and I found this awesome Owl Pillow Box Treat  from Kerry’s Paper Crafts– She has some awesome DIY projects, do check her site out. The link to the treat box has a video by Kerry which is wonderful, so I am not going to mess with those instructions. 

But here is my creation:

 The only difference is, I cut the pillow box out…just used the front part that she decorates in the video. Followed the rest of the directions like she said. But it is SUPER CUTE =) I loved it!!

Here it is on the bag:

Result: teacher loved it…. she and the aide could not believe it I made it. I could not believe I made it =) I adored the bag for a long time when done. Absolutely cute 😀

Until Next time,

Happy krafting

Cheers =)

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