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Masking Tape Art

This is a quick and easy Art for walls….I am serious…this is the easiest art you can make. All you need is Canvas, Masking Tape, Paints of your choice, Big Brush/Roller Brush, and Finishing Spray

Yes of course this is inspired from an Art I saw on Pinterest 😉 Its going to be 3 years we moved into home. I had decided to take it slow when decorating. Guest Bath was the first room I decorated. Then came the living room wall art… and Kitchen….did some for Master Bedroom… now time to move on to the other rooms….

So Bedroom number 2 is in the basement… although it has great big windows….it still tends to be a little dark most of the days….so I wanted to make something to lighten the room up. With dark furniture and grey-red bedding…. I though the Masking Tape Art would look awesome.

I started with putting the masking tape on the canvas. There is no specific design you need to follow. Tape up as you like. Trust me you can not go wrong while taping up! 

Once it is taped up….then its all about painting away. I used a brush… I think roller brush would be much better. But I did not have one and did not feel like going to buy one. My colors were red and grey. So I painted two canvas grey and 1 red. 

 The masking tape gets covered up and although you can not really see it here….you will still be able to see it when you do. I gave 15 minutes to dry and removed the tape.

The key is slowly pulling off the tape….The end result… Beautiful wall art…

Yes there was some seepage…. I think it adds to the look 😉 but if you are a perfectionist… you could do some outlining using darker shade or same shade of color and thin brush.

One more room down for me 😉

Until next time,

Happy Krafting

Cheers =)

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