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Christmas Tree Card

So I have been away for a while now… had been working as a short term sub in a classroom- 3 weeks of busy routine and work. But that has come to an end. So today has been an absolutely lazy day. My husband bought me a new phone yesterday… so spent the morning setting it up, playing with it, exploring it =) I LOVE IT–I have always been a Blackberry person… but had to move to Android-Samsung galaxy S3…. and Love it…oh the possibilities!!!

Anywaz so after morning of playing with the phone, I decided to get to my craft table after 3 weeks! Oh how much Ive missed it..did not realize until I sat on the chair and started thinking about what I wanted to make. The owner of the local store that helps me sell my cards had mentioned about making Christmas cards and selling them in packs instead of 1 card… so I decided to try that out. New Stampin’ Up! magazine issue came in the mail last week and it has this cute little card with Christmas Tree made of paper strips- Simple and cute… I loved it. 

The original card opens horizontally and had rounded edges. I gave it my twists and made my own. This one opens vertically.

Technically you have to have a star at the top and I don’t have a small star punch (something I need to invest in now :D) so I used the Boho Blossom Punch from Stampin’ Up! and placed it to make it look like star and added the pearl. I think its pretty close =) The simplicity of the card beats everything…. cut strips of paper in different sizes and put it together to form a Christmas Tree.

Now 8 of them together =) 

Cutting the paper was a little tedious… but once I had everything cut- it just assembling everything. 8 cards done in 1-1/2 hr…I think…. But they turned out super cute. 

One last look

Until the Next creation,

Keep Krafting,

Cheers =)

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