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Cube/Flip box

After trying the bag yesterday… Frenchie Stamps posted a video today called Flip Box. The box is made using 1 cardstock and decorated with some patterned paper. Some scoring and cutting and this box comes together in a jiffy ;). Frenchie gives awesome instructions in the video….so nothing like watching her and constructing the box. Watch the video Here

This is how the box looks like:

 When you untie the bow, the box opens up……


The final box measures approx 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″- more like a cube. But it is perfect as a favor box or gift box for small trinkets. The video shows using strip of cardstock to seal the box. I liked the ribbon better (I am all about ribbons). So I used that instead.

Also in the video, when scoring the CS, she says 2-3/4″ one time and 3-3/4″ second time, the actual scoring measurement is 3-3/4″. I got confused myself, so I watched the video 3-4 times to make sure and also made a template for future reference. 

Here is the template:

Another thing I realized was it would be easier to put the patterned paper on before putting the box together. I used tombow glue to stick the paper on… would be much easier before I put the box together. So for future reference I also wrote on the template where to put the patterned paper.

But this is the cutest little box I have made… and I had told my friend “D” today that I as done making boxes and bags and wanted to make cards and here I am making a box 😉 

This is all for today,

Until Next time,

Happy Krafting,
Cheers =)

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