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Frosted Vase

I live in Augusta, GA- oh yeaaa.. the Masters Golf Tournament city. The whole city will burst with people and fun will be in the air. Signs for “Buying Tickets” and “Selling Tickets” on the road are already up. 2 weeks are going to fly by. With our house being on rent… I am trying to clean up and get it ready. I have to put away as many personal things away as possible. Clearing the dresser in our room means empty space and 2 more empty dresser tops in other 2 room. I thought of rummaging through all the decorative things I have. Found 3 vases and 1 candle display stand/bowl. Candle Display bowl is ready to go with the decorative stones and 3 pillar candles. But the vases were too blah. 

I had seen a pin about frosting vases on Pinterest =) but apparently I did not repin it on my board. Anywaz so I had bought the Frost paint on my last shopping spree. I decided to go ahead with it. I knew I could put rubber bands and just spray the frost on. 

This is the frost spray I found at my local Michaels Store. Cost me around 7$ but I am going to be able to paint 3 vases (maybe even more) out of 1 can. 

Next I put rubber bands of different widths (thought it would be interesting) on the vase.

Then I sprayed it with the Frosted Glass Spray. Just follow directions on the can. One thing, for sure you want to do this in open space…outside…. backyard, front yard!! I knew it…but i still decided to do this inside and the smell is still lingering in the house 😀

The can says to give 30 minutes for drying and wait 1 hr before handling it, I let it dry for 1 hr. After an hour, remove the rubber bands and you have your pretty little frosted vase 😀

I am working on 2 more. Those vases are more rounder and I am thinking of using some yarn. Will update the post with pictures of those=) 
Until next time,
Happy Krafting
Cheers =)

PS: UPDATE- The other 2 vases:

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