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Live, Love, Laugh, Believe, Dream…..

Making art for bedroom is the toughest…especially the master bedroom…where you always want to make it more cozy and special. The way our house is built…the master is on the main level while the other bedrooms are in basement and 1 upstairs. So whenever people come, they always see the master for sure. Until now I just 1 wall hanging in our bedroom- a frame with blessings from friends and family member- was a wedding gift from a friend and a full length mirror that I found in Kirklands. The rest of the walls are plain empty. Now in the future I do want to paint one of the walls a nice shade of blue. But for now, I had to make something. 

So I had this photo holder wall piece I took from my friend (she was moving and could not take it with her). She had bought it from Pier 1. It is pretty nice with groves on both sides to slide photos on. It can be hung vertical or horizontal. 

Now the original plan was to find letters to make GAME TIME and hang it from here and put it in game room… but it went in absolute different direction (my previous post GAMETIME). When I went to buy something for that project, I saw wooden words Live, Laugh, Love, Believe and Dream in Michaels- absolutely love that store. Anyways so I bought the words and painted them with Gesso.

White would have been fine. But my wallas are like mustard shade… and all the furniture in the bedroom is dark brown… and I do intend to paint that wall a shade of blue… so I thought I could do some color Pop. I went ahead and painted them red. 

Now I had to decide how I wanted to hang it from the photo holder. I had option of Photo hanger, ribbon, Natural fiber thread or fish line. I bought photo hanger wire… but it did not look great… So I tried ribbon..did not like it either… and was too bored to go buy the fish line…too eager to finish the project today itself =) so used the natural fiber in brown color. I hot glued the fibers to the letters and hung them of the holder. 

Of course I played with the lengths first. Placed the words up and down and then cut the thread accordingly. I had to glue the thread on one side of the word first, then pass it through the holes (that were for holding photos) and then glued the other side.
Finally I have something interesting on my bedroom wall now 😀
 Every morning will start with some positive thoughts of the wall– LIVE each day as its your last, LOVE all, LAUGH always, BELIEVE in yourself and DREAM on =) 

Until Next time,
Happy Krafting
Cheers =)

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