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It has been a while that I blogged about something new I made. I have been working on several projects together..I know I know…but I go shop for items for project 1 and end up with project 2 items as well 😉 Anywaz so I’ve been working on making wall pieces for my Game/Exercise room- made the Rack Em frame, Sweat once a day and now this… So I wanted to use wooden letters to make GAMETIME wall art and hang the letters off something… now mind you this was my original idea. But you know how ideas are… you start with something and as you start working the whole idea takes another route.

So I go shopping for some wooden letters. On a previous shopping expedition I had bought 5 wooden frames for another purpose. But instead bought 3 more frames… and decided to cut out letters using designer paper and make frame like art and hang them. 

These are simple wood frames sold at Michaels for $1 a piece. Now 3 of them broke and I had to use Gorilla Glue to put them together. That is one strong glue =)

 I used Gesso to paint the frames. Gesso is base paint to prep non porous surfaces. I had seen people use it on their projects and have heard it helps a lot. I had not found it until my last shopping trip to Michaels. 

The frames came with a little chipboard backing that had ideas to decorate the frame. I just covered it with black Cardstock to give a dark base. With stencils, I cut out GAMETIME in a designer paper and used 3-d Glue foams to pop the letters up.

Finally I put the letters in the frame. But that white gesso was not what I wanted. I had bought some brown paint as well, but did not want to cover the whole frame brown as well. So instead I used some Distress ink ( Tim Holtz Collection)- Brown and Olive colors. I just swiped the ink pads over the frame. I loved how it turned out =)

 Now that I was happy about how it looked, it was time to hang it up. Instead of hanging it of something. I just used Command velcro strips to stick them to the wall. 

Another view:

One last time =)

yayyy for another wall art finally on the wall =) 

Until next time,

Happy Krafting


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