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Pump it up Wall art

With new Treadmill in the basement, there is no room for excuse =) So the basement room was supposed to be more like TV room/theater… but now it is more of a game room/fitness room. My husband is on weight loss spree and really working out. So now besides treadmill we have a bench and dumbbells. So I thought I could make a motivational hanging to hang around the treadmill to inspire me and my husband =) 

So after looking on internet…this is what I found… I cant remember which website I went on but it was like a website where you can build your own decals. But 60$ for this print… I thought I could make my own. 

So with the supplies I got from Michaels- Alphabet stencils, canavas and paints- I created this. 

Stenciled on the words and used a Red marker to out line the letters. I thought of adding some dumbbels drawing or drawing sweat dripping…. but I decided not to for right now =)

Working on Next project…. wait for posting on that.

Until Next time,

Happy Krafting =)


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