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Hold Those Ribbons

My obsession with pinterest and the little spare time I have are making me crazeee…..Crazy about trying new things and actually making them =). I made this 2 days ago but did not get time to put it up… Ribbon holder/Organizer. YES..again seen on Pinterest (not surprised are we hahahaha :D)

So with the wall art I made … I had 4 pieces of wood left- each measuring 12″x12″. While browsing pinterest I saw someone had a pic of ribbon holder made of piece of wood block and some dowels glued on it. I will be honest…never worked with wood before, inspite went to walmart and bought 5/16″ x 36″ long dowels- 2 of them. I cut the dowels in 12″ pieces… so got 6 pieces out of the 2 long ones. I started with gluing the dowels on the wood with Gorilla Glue (WORKS–Super hold) but it was hard to keep the dowels standing (glue does take sometime to dry-needed to be clamped).

So using an electric power tool tried making hole…but not having the right attachments made it a disastrous task. But I managed it… as soon as I got the hole big enough for the dowels to fit in… I hammered the dowels to make the holes right size. Removed the dowels…put some gorilla glue..hammered down the dowels and let it dry for 24 hrs. 

So here is how it looked…. Yes I went overboard with the glue, infact even had spread some glue on the outside once I hammered the dowels..see the white cloud looking things around the dowels on the wood ;).

So of course I was excited when the glue dried… I was all ready to put my ribbons on it.

I arranged them according to width…. although color would be nice too…. but for me, sorting them by width just seemed easier 😀
It was fun to make this holder…. planning to make 1 more for sure… only thing I would change here would be the dowel size… would probably use 1/8″ or 1/4″ inch dowels 😀
Try it out… easy, cheap and super way to oragnize your ribbons 😀
Until Next time…
Happy krafting =)
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