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Order for 80 cards

So it has been a fun and crazee week for us at the Kookiez Headquarters…My friend whose bridal shower we did last weekend, had placed order for 80 Thank You cards for her wedding. She had given us order for 20 initially then 1 evening she said I want 80-40 simple where we don’t put much efforts and 40 fancy where we put efforts. So Dhaarna and I decided to finish it this week, since her wedding it just 3 weeks away and we have other things to take care of. few days of working long hours and we are down to 75 cards. Just 5 fancy left 😀 We are just sooo happy that we could finish the order. It would be hard to see them all, however here are some samples.

Emboss Resist-Fancy
Double Embossing -Fancy
So while I made fancy cards, Dhaarna took over the simple cards. Where I made 3-4 cards a day, she could make 10 a day. In some cards, she replicated the designs using different printed papers and different colors. While some cards she just replicated. Since the scrap queen that she is, she actually made all her cards with scrap. She tried and used all printed papers and cardstock that we might have used on previous occassions, and had pieces left. Just the base was new paper. Some of the samples:
Cute Little Thanks
Same Design, just different pattern papers
Another same design using different papers-Super cute
So now that we have almost completed the order, we are kind of unhappy as this week has been absolutely fun and eventful. We keep hoping everyone sees our work and we keep getting such orders =)
Happy Krafting until next time
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