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Coffee Filter Lamp

So you see a whole box of brand new coffee filters being thrown away just because they were ordered wrong…What do you do? Don’t know about others. But my crafty, no wastage buddy (Dhaarna) turns it into a wonderful lamp πŸ˜€

Yes those are coffee filters turned into flowers and put together to make a lamp that hangs from the ceiling. Thanks to Dhaarna’s origami skills, she was able to save the coffee filters and put them to good use. It just turned out very nice and creative. This was her first try working with coffee filters (does it look like that??), however, she hopes another one she tries will turn out better. The picture just does not do enough justice.

Also this would be the right time to introduce you to Dhaarna- A Graphic Designer by profession, but total crafter by heart. She loves to experiment with any material she can lay her hands on. She has a long history of artistic endeavors-from painting to crafting to origami (as you saw up here). Her fascination towards being different from others is what makes us going πŸ˜€

So, comment if you think the lamp is creative and liked it…it bumps our crafting confidence =)

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  1. awesome!! tutorials!


  2. This is so pretty! I can see it at a garden party!


  3. That is a wonderful idea Debbie..will have to run it by my friend (Dhaarna) she is the one who made it πŸ˜€ But a wonderful idea πŸ˜€


  4. I think the lamp is very creative. How about a tutorial for those of us who aren't that creative?


  5. Very creative!!!! who knew coffee filters could have other uses than to make coffee. Keep it up guys!!!



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